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Prepare your organization for growth

Congrats on closing that new round of funding! It’s a big accomplishment. Now it’s time to get to the important work of delivering on the goals of your business. Whether you're building your product vision, a go-to-market strategy, or tackling market expansion, the new funding means it's time to hit the gas.

You’re going to fuel hiring, business development, marketing, or maybe all three. Perhaps it’s time to open new offices, or add new product lines to your company. In all cases, organizational preparedness is critical to unlock your new stage of growth. 

There are foundational pillars for all companies to organize around to accomplish its business goals. They require careful consideration and tending to make sure they are accelerating, not slowing down, your business.

Consider the 5 foundational pillars and see if your company is prepared for growth. 

Culture - Are there unspoken rules and values within your organization? How will you educate new employees on those? What practices are fundamental to your culture and how will those manifest themselves as you grow? If there are detrimental elements in your culture, how will you discourage them as you grow? 

Goal Setting - How will your goal setting practices scale as you add complexity to the business? How will you ensure that goals are appropriately prioritized across functions? How will you measure process? Are there clear expectations about what success looks like?

People - Are there leadership gaps you need to fill?  What will your hiring and onboarding process look like as you increase the number of candidates, roles, and employees? How will new roles be integrated into work streams and decision making? Are employees' growth paths at the company clear?

Process - How will decision making change? How will cross-functional work be organized and tracked? Is tribal knowledge a primary method for getting work done? How will new employees learn that? 

Communication - How, where, and when are decisions and changes communicated? How will all employees get the context they need to do their jobs effectively? What communication happens in-person vs online today and how will that scale? What is your meeting culture today? How will that change as you add more complexity to the business?

Organizational pillars are a bit like a garden. They need constant watering and pruning for flowers and plants to grow. As your company grows, make sure you're seeing an eye on all five pillars in order to scale effectively.


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