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I can help you scale your organization seamlessly.


In my 20-year career, I've always worked at the intersection of business, marketing, product, and engineering. I've built expertise in creating high performing cross-functional organizations through cultural, goal setting, people, process and communication initiatives. I’ve spent more than half my career in leadership roles at startups where change and growth were constant, and lessons - both successes and failures - were never ending. 

I’ve also navigated the dynamics at large public companies where I worked extensively with cross-functional, global teams. I’ve conducted hundreds of job interviews and managed teams of all experience levels and functions including: product management, program management, QA, CS, finance, HR, and facilities. 

Key Highlights

I held multiple leadership roles at ngmoco, a mobile gaming company acquired by DeNA in 2010 for $400 million, where I built software lifecycle management systems and QA and Project Management functions from the ground up to support 12+ concurrent projects. 

I led strategic planning, people management, and cultural initiatives as VP of Operations at Fitstar, a mobile fitness startup acquired by Fitbit in 2015. 

At Midway Games, I built and ran the Central Outsourcing Group, which managed $5M+ of worldwide outsourcing for multiple AAA console games including NBA Jams and Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. My work during this time influenced best practices industry-wide through a series of talks at the Game Developers Conference. 

Before finding my true calling in software, I published hundreds of articles as a professional journalist where I honed my story telling, conversational and investigative skills. I lived in San Francisco, Austin and Washington DC before settling in Toronto with my family in 2018.

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