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You’ve built something truly special and unique, and growing it from infancy to maturity deserves deep consideration and specialized guidance. While there are common challenges to growing a company, the culture and people are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. 


You can expect me to work closely with you to truly understand what your vision is and what makes your team tick so we can get your company ready for its future. Whether it’s improvement to your goal-setting process, the introduction of culture initiatives, or streamlining communication, I will lead you step by step to introduce flexible, nimble, forward-looking changes that your whole team will embrace.

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I'll ask you to complete a questionnaire and do a deep dive call with me so I can understand what's happening in your business, where your challenges are, and what is needed to be on your A+ game in the future. I'll then create your tailor-made proposal.


I will create a custom proposal for you that outlines how we would work together, what deliverables you can expect, and what the pricing will be.


We'll get started with a stakeholder meeting to outline our goals and expectations. This could be in person or via video conference depending on location and budget.

From there, I will conduct interviews, attend meetings, and review documentation and tools to immerse myself in how your team operates. 

You can expect me to conclude this phase with a specific strategy for moving forward.


I'll lead your team through a design process to upgrade your organizational solutions as outlined in our strategy. 

Depending on your needs, this could include a goal setting framework, cultural initiatives, operational processes, hiring process upgrades, or communication standards and templates. 

Work in this phase is highly collaborative, and will include in-person and virtual meetings, workshops, and documentation.


I'll guide you and your organization through adoption of the new initiatives, and will ensure that you're well positioned and energized to carry the work forward. 

Work in this phase is also highly collaborative, and can include meetings, working sessions, documentation, and training. 

Set up a call to learn more!

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